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Remembering Tina Turner

It was a balmy summer night on August 23, 1996, in Warsaw, Poland.

Tina Turner had come to town for a live concert in Gwardia stadium, and my wife, Malgosia, and I, just happened to be staying at the Bristol Hotel, where Tina was also staying.

We were thrilled to meet her.

Following a brief introduction in the lobby, Tina graciously invited us to join her onstage for her concert to sit just behind her band.

It was an Amazing experience! Never in my life have I felt such an electric surge of energy emanating from that stage!

Tina rocked! And the crowd of 50,000 were transported to another dimension. As we all were.

Her reign as The Queen Of Rock and Roll was in full swing, and will forever live in our hearts.

Thank you, Tina, for gracing our lives with your extraordinary gifts.

-Stacy Keach


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