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Remembering David Warner

When I was an acting student at the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art in the mid-1960’s, David Warner was my hero.  His legendary performances as Hamlet and Richard 2 defined the parameters of great classical acting, and he inspired an entire generation.  He then became a movie star, mesmerizing audiences with his indelible characters in Tom Jones and Cable Hogue, and of course, Titanic.  Imagine my delight in playing opposite him in John Carpenter’s Hair, where David brilliantly played an eccentric doctor, whose television ads assured the viewer that he could miraculously restore hair loss.

We became friends, and with our mutual pal, Peter Jason, played golf very badly. But David’s delicious sense of humor, his comradery, diminished the importance of the quality of our golf game.  The score didn’t matter.  Just being in David’s irrepressible presence consumed our delights.

Thank you, David, for giving us so many joyful moments, and for inspiring us to reach for the stars as artists.  We so grateful to you for the sharing of your talents with the world.  My wife, Malgosia, and I extend our sincere condolences to your entire family, and may the spirit of your memory continue to soar in our hearts with blessings. Thank you, David.

-Stacy Keach


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