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Why The Blacklist Can Get 'Diabolical' With Red And Vesco In The 200th Episode

So, how dynamic will the con men duo be now that they’re reunited for the 200th episode? NBC’s episode description teases that Red’s treasure hunt will involve challenging clues; based on what Stacy Keach said about his latest adventure with James Spader, they could be more diabolical than dynamic together. Keach shared that it was “wonderful” and “absolutely” fun to work with Spader again, then elaborated on playing Vesco to Spader’s Reddington:


[James Spader as Red] has a wonderful sense of humor. He has a ferocious wit and diabolical sense of irony. I think that that's one of the things that I shared with him, and my interpretation of Vesco shared, that they weren't just your common criminals. They were unique, and particularly in the realm of intelligence and wit, and that appealed to me greatly.


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