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My returning to Chicago, to resume playing Hemingway in Pamplona at the Goodman Theater, has been a great pleasure and a welcome delight.

During my six-week sojourn, I have often been reminded of my previous experiences in the Windy City, beginning with Arthur Miller’s Finishing The Picturein 2004, which also marked my debut at the Goodman Theater and my first encounter with Robert Falls. Subsequently, Mr. Falls and I did King Lear together in 2006, and I landed the nice role of Warden Pope in the first season of Prison Break, which was also in the Chicago area, primarily at Joliet Prison.

My dear departed Dad grew up in Chicago, and had many wonderful stories about his time there, ranging from serving ice cream to Al Capone in a local drugstore, from shagging home run balls at Wrigley Field.

Before he died, he wrote a memoir, entitled Stacy Keach, Go Home! In parenthesis, “Sr., that is”.  I never liked growing up as a “Jr”, and when I began acting, I wanted to drop the junior, and, as a result, my Dad graciously agreed to add senior to his name.

The title of his book reflected a slide that was put on the screen at the neighborhood cinema, orchestrated by his Mom, who knew that was where Dad loved to spend his time.  He loved the movies.

For those of his generation, and for everyone who loves Chicago, I wanted to allow my dear Dad to share his memories with all of you, so for your reading pleasure, here is his autobiography, Stacy Keach, Go Home (Sr that is).


Where dad lived during his childhood in Chicago

Where dad worked at the drugstore and served ice cream to Al Capone

Where dad shagged balls behind the left field wall


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