Stacy is a man with TWO plans this Monday 3.20

Stacy is back on MAN WITH A PLAN on CBS at 8:30/7:30

AND THEN Catch an all-new American Greed on CNBC at 10PM:
Rumeal Robinson: A former champion basketball player’s schemes land him in prison and his mother kicked out of her home.

All- New American Greed: “Billionaire Boys Bust” on Monday 2/13 at 10PM ET

Air date: 2/13 at 10PM ET/PT on CNBC
Billionaire Boys Bust: Real estate fraudster John Bravata cons hundreds of investors out of their life savings. 

All-New American Greed: “Badge of Dishonor” on Monday at 10PM PT

AG 4.47.22 PM
Badge of Dishonor
Air Date:  Monday 2/6 at 10P ET/PT on CNBC
Police Lt. Joe Gliniewicz is mourned as a hero when officers find him shot dead near railroad tracks in the woods – but when searching for his killer, authorities uncover some dark secrets. 

American Greed: “The Real War Dogs” on January 30th at 10PM ET/PT

The Real War Dogs
Air Date: 1/30 @ 10PM ET/PT on CNBC
Miami party boys turned arms dealers, bid on government contracts to fight the war on terror. When playboy Efraim Diveroli and his partner David Packouz, land a nearly $300 million contract to supply allied forces with ammunition, they knowingly use Chinese-built products in violation of US law. Diveroli’s over the top lifestyle and their conspiracy to defraud the US military are the basis of the 2016 film “War Dogs.”


Stacy Keach on American Greed

Stacy Keach on American Greed

Catch American Greed Saturday marathons 7PM-2AM ET/PT on CNBC.

Don’t Miss The Season Finale of American Greed Thursday 9.29 on CNBC

Silk Road: Digital Drug Dealers
Most law enforcement agencies are on the hunt for a PERSON, but in this case the ‘manhunt’ is for a MACHINE.  Can the anonymity behind online drug bazaar Silk Road last long enough to make MILLIONS?
Air Date: 9.29 @ 10PM ET 

A Detroit Doctor makes SICK profits from HEALTHY patients.  Don’t miss American Greed Thursday on CNBC!

Diagnosis: Blood Money; Chicago Jailbreak
Michigan Doctor Treats Cancer-Free Patients With Poisonous Chemotherapy While Taking Millions In Payment.
Chicago-Area Bank Robbers Repel 17 Stories To Escape The Metropolitan Correctional Center.
Air Date: Thursday 9/15 @ 10PM ET/PT

Don’t miss these greedy stories on a premiere episode of American Greed THURSDAY at 10p ET/PT on CNBC

 AG copy
“Hack Me If You Can/ Goodfella Gone Bad”
A mysterious hacker scams the IRS for MILLION$ using the living and the dead. Then a “Mobster” makes small town investors an offer they can’t refuse.

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