Tough Love

Outrageous comedy and Stacy Keach. No one would have connected the two 15 years ago, when the actor’s heat-packing Hammer defined the television gumshoe. But here he is, tossing off one-liners and getting big laughs as a beer-chugging Daddy Dearest in Fox’s new comedy Titus. “I feel like at 58, I’m taking baby steps,” says Keach of his first television comedy gig. “It’s a rejuvenation, a whole new life for me.”


Keach says he’s trying something new; comedy. The trick, he’s learning, is to play it straight, a lesson that would seem all too easy for the former Mike Hammer. “But, as I say this, I know in my heart I’m such a ham that I’ll play for the laughs all the time. I guess it’s true what they say: Dying is easy. Comedy is hard.” TV Guide, April 1-7, 2000

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