Planes character, Skipper Riley, voiced by Stacy Keach

Stacy Keach as Skipper


Meet Skipper Riley, Propwash Junction’s top flyer and Dusty Crophopper’s flight instructor.


Seventy-one years ago today over the Pacific Ocean, Propwash Junction’s own WWII veteran, Skipper Riley, made history. Riley is an original F4U Corsair fighter plane — the most powerful fighter-based aircraft and the first single-engine fighter to exceed 400 MPH!


The Corsair’s small body, extra powerful engine, and W-shaped wings made Skipper a very successful flyer. Since Skipper was a true pioneer in aircraft carrier flying and landing, he developed skills unique to the new technology and became an excellent instructor. “Altitude and attitude”, was the name of the game in battle.


When pressed for details about his military career, Skipper was elusive. This reporter is under the impression that Propwash Junction’s top flyer was most likely involved in a top-secret mission, which still remains classified. Skipper would not offer any details except to say that on this day in 1942, over the Pacific Ocean, he completed his military air career. He’s served from the ground ever since. Then he became very quiet, asked that the tape recorder be shut off, and taxied away.
As Skipper left the hangar, Dusty Crophopper said, “I don’t think there is a plane anywhere who knows more about flying than Skipper. I’m so lucky to have him as my coach.”


Thank you, Skipper Riley for serving your country, and for teaching generations of planes how to safely navigate the skies. You are a hero and role model for all of us.

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