Director John Huston once said of him, "He is not just a star, he is a constellation. The audience will come to see whatever character he portrays."

Stacy began his professional film career in 1968 with The Heart is a Lonely Hunter and has since played a wide variety of characters in over fifty films. In 1972, Stacy was proud to have worked with legendary actor/director John Huston. Huston directed Fat City and The Life and Times of Judge Roy Bean. Stacy also acted with Huston and Henry Fonda in The Greatest Battle.

40 Years Later, Renewed Praise For Stacy Keach’s Production of Luigi Pirandello’s  “6 Characters In Search Of An Author”

That seminal work is represented in this retro by Stacy Keach’s 1976 staging of it for TV, starring John Houseman and Andy Griffith. Keach preserves the sincerity of Pirandello’s original; however, the setting this time is not backstage at a theater but behind-the-scenes at a TV studio, where people fret over ratings and vanity reigns supreme. By the mid-Seventies television had already become a symbol for all the hypocrisies and superficialities of mass media; the change in milieu adds an extra, subtle dose of cynicism.“- Bilge Ebiri, The Village Voice

Free Screening of SIX CHARACTER IN SEARCH OF AN AUTHOR at the Film Forum on Sunday 1/15 followed by Skype Q&A with director Stacy Keach and producer Norman Lloyd

Who’s disturbing the taping of crusty director John Houseman’s show? Why the eponymous six characters, led by three-piece suited Andy Griffith (yes, that Andy Griffith). Transposition of the legendary play to a TV studio is rare directorial effort by actor (Fat City) Stacy Keach. Produced by Norman Lloyd. Digital.
Following the screening, director Stacy Keach and producer Norman Lloyd will appear for a Q&A via Skype.
Show starts at 1:20PM ET/ Q&A starts at 3PM ET

Stacy Keach Reel

Stephen King’s CELL opened to mixed reviews, but Stacy fared pretty well. 


Stacy Keach’s screen time is short, but he dominates every scene he’s in.”

-Odie Henderson, Roger


““Stacy Keach does a nice turn as the sinister prep school headmaster.”

-John Hazelton, Screen Daily


“…Fine support from Stacy Keach (as a school headmaster who still has some fight left in him.)”

-Scott Weinberg, Scream


“On the plus side, we get Stacy Keach as some sort of preacher of the apocalypse.” –

– Richard Roeper, Chicago Sun Times


“Stacy Keach has a small role in the film and I’m definitely a fan of his and he does a great job with his small role.”                                  -Rev. Rob, Blogspot

CELL is coming to theaters on July 8, 2016

Stacy Keach with John Cusack and Samuel L. Jackson

Stacy Keach with John Cusack and Samuel L. Jackson



“TRUTH Soars!”


(Left) Stacy with Cate Blanchett (Right) Stacy with Robert Redford

TRUTH reviews

“TRUTH is both a thriller and a lament about the news and its age-old editorial dilemma- the need to be right, and first.”- John Anderson

“Almost everyone with Bush family connections in Texas refuses to talk, of course, but one key figure, the elderly and sick Retired Lt. Col. Bill Burkett (Stacy Keach), reluctantly provides Mapes with some incriminating information and a couple of documents to back it up. It’s enough to get CBS on board with her and Rather determined to report it…Supporting roles are all well filled, notably by Keach as the ambivalent and ailing key source”-Todd McCarthy, Hollywood Reporter

Stacy Keach has a good cameo as the source who puts Mapes and Rather’s careers in jeopardy.” –Chris Bumbray, JOBLO’s Movie Emporium

“Pressured to get their segment ready in barely a week, the 60 Minutes team and seasoned anchor Dan Rather (Robert Redford, easy and dignified but very much in support here) raced to corroborate, relying on verbal assurances from chief source Bill Burkett (a terrific Stacy Keach) and underrating the misgivings of their document examiners.”- Tim Robey, Daily Telegraph

Stacy Keach shines in a crucial cameo.”-Gregory Elwood, HITFIX

 “Two terrific speeches stand out. One is delivered for all it’s worth by Blanchett, who tells an investigating panel just how difficult and unlikely it would have been for someone to fake the documents. Another is heartbreaking. It comes just after a key source —Bill Burkett, played with great crustiness by Keach— has been put through the wringer on camera by a CBS team desperate to deflect blame.” – Jocelyn Noveck,Opiniononline

“Stacy Keach also scores as a key interviewee whose actions turn everything upside down.”-Pete Hammond, Deadline Hollywood

“Truth” is…showcasing an ensemble that feels impeccably cast down to the smallest role… Stacy Keach is at once pitiable and exasperating as Lt. Col. Bill Burkett, the National Guard veteran who furnishes the faulty smoking gun.” –Justin Chang, Variety


Stacy with director/author James Vanderbilt and producer Brad Fischer

Watch the Trailer!

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