Stacy Keach is

The artistic vision of Frank Miller and Robert Rodriguez in Sin City 2: A Dame to Kill For combines the film noir characteristics not lost on previous masters, such as Jean Cocteau or Antonin Artaud, together with the traditional plots and styles of gangster films and comic strips of the 1940's and 50's. Like its predecessor, Sin City 1, the style combines comic book sensibilities with larger than life characters in a red and black-and-white -film noir universe, where violence and greed and lust dominate the emotional landscape and the thrust of the characters, also providing the engine for the machinations of the plot.

I enjoyed the entire process of preparing for Walenquist, the evil Mayor of Sin City, beginning with revisiting Frank Miller's brilliant comic strip personification, with the art department providing a preliminary sketch of what they thought the character should look like. Creating the look of the character presented something of a challenge because I needed to wear a prosthetic mask and upper body appliance to meet the visual demands of the character. Robert Rodriguez, a superb director, assembled an outstanding team of artists, including KNB EFX Group, to create the world of Sin City.

The Dame is delicious
The Graphics sublime
The Acting is vicious
In a Style out of time.

The melody's noir
In a jazzy motif
The look and the style
Sing, "Wow! O Good Grief!"

Is this really real?
Is this really true?
It's dangerously fun
To uncover the clues.

Taking a trip through the City of Sin
Was a journey of joy
I'm glad I was in.


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