If I Stay

“And the best performance is a low-key, authentic one by Stacy Keach as Mia’s grandfather.” – Linda Pulg, USA TODAY

The great Stacy Keach rounds out the cast as Mia’s grandfather, who is gifted a monologue at her bedside that suggests the Oscar he never won. At the screening I attended, this is the moment the waterworks finally turned on for even the most skeptical of moviegoers.” – John Thomason, Salt Lake Magazine

Stacy Keach, who plays Mia’s grandfather, turns in the performance of his career. His bedside speech that lovingly puts the entire movie into perspective is delivered with an emotional rawness that is captivating.” – Rick Bentley, The Fresno Bee

“A grandfather, played by Stacy Keach, sits by the bedside of his granddaughter Mia, who’s in a coma after a major car accident that killed her parents and brother. Keach is a masterful actor (and a versatile one ; in addition to his much-celebrated stage work, his IMDB profile goes back to 1967 and includes Shakespeare, “30 Rock” and voice work in “Rugrats”) and this scene, which could have easily tipped into soap opera schlock, instead elevates the film to a height rarely seen in movies marketed to young adults.

Keach tells the girl that he wants her to live, but that he understands if she doesn’t want to return to a life that would be unrecognizable to her. Keach’s character now lives in a world where the Buddhist priest’s blessing is an unimaginable happiness; he has lost a son and now faces the loss of another generation. And yet he still tells Mia that if she can’t bear the pain of living, he’ll bear the pain of losing her.

We all make sacrifices for our kids — or, in this case, our kid’s kids — but here’s a man living in agony who is willing to take on MORE agony to spare his granddaughter. It is to Keach’s credit that this small scene becomes the heart of the film. It takes the tragedy and shows how it will ripple and rip through everyone gathered at the hospital waiting to see if the worst will happen.” – Kristen Page-Kirby, The Washington Post

“Even though it was once considered the afterthought of the summer movie season (“Guardians Of The Galaxy” will certainly change that perception), there is still plenty to come this August. While mutant turtles and femme fatales are the highlights (such as they are) over the next few weeks, for our money, Stacy Keach being all sensitive and grandfatherly might top ‘em both.The actor is featured in “If I Stay,” the latest Chloe Moretz vehicle, which taps into the YA, “Fault In Our Stars” vibe where romance, death and destiny all intersect to make you cry and take your money. The story follows the young Mia (Moretz), who starts a romance with an alterna-rock dude, but then falls into a coma and has to decide whether to continue living or make Stacy Keach cry.” – Kevin Jagernauth, Indiewire
“At its best, “If I Stay” evokes the primacy of friendship, the warmth of family… The strongest [scene] may be a heartfelt speech by that old pro Stacy Keach, who plays Mia’s grandfather.” – Joe Morgenstern, The Wall Street Journal
“In just a handful of scenes, including a real heartbreaker in the final act, Keach, as Mia’s grandfather, gives the film’s best performance.” – Greg Maki, The Star Democrat, Easton, Maryland
Stacy Keach has a small role as Mia’s paternal grandfather and nearly runs away with the whole movie in a single speech that says more about love–and the sacrifices some people are willing to make for love–than the film’s entire romance arc.” – Lauren Davis, i09
“The sequences in the hospital are actually fairly standard-issue bedside stuff. A slow, steady parade of visitors comes to Mia’s room over the course of several weeks to deliver heartfelt pleas for her to fight to live. The one exception comes from her grandfather (beautifully played by Stacy Keach), who lets her know that if she would find it too painful to return, it’s okay to let go.” – Steve Prokopy, Gapers Block
Stacy Keach, not surprisingly, is tremendous as Mia’s grandfather, who comes to her bedside in the hospital and delivers one of the most touching, truthful monologues you’ll hear this year.” – Linda Cook, Go and Do, LC Times
But the most emotionally powerful scene is absolutely commanded by veteran actor Stacy Keach, who plays Mia’s grandfather. His scene is the purest summation of what ‘If I Stay‘ should have been.” – Paul Carlson, Seattle Movies Examiner

“But I only cried once in the entire film. That was when Mia’s grandfather (Stacy Keach) sat vigil next to her hospital bed and told her that he desperately wanted her to stay, but he would understand if she didn’t. I didn’t know much about Mia’s grandfather (he’s a sketchily written character at best), but Keach at least made me feel the grandfather’s pain.” – Max Weiss, Baltimore Magazine

Stacy Keach delivers a standout performance in the supporting role as Mia’s warm and loving Gramps – he delivers a very heartfelt monologue that will probably bring audience members to tears.” – Katie Morris, Gwinnett Daily Post

Stacy Keach — who is on a roll, after his formidable turn in ‘Nebraska’ –is in solid form as Mia’s grandfather.” – Anthony Lane, New Yorker Magazine, 9/8/14