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Remembering Brian Dennehy

It was a beautiful sunny afternoon in Sante Fe, New Mexico.  My wife, Malgosia, with our two toddler children and I, were having late afternoon tea in the Hotel Anasazi.  We noticed there was nobody there except for us and another family, with a small boy, in the corner of the restaurant.  Suddenly, Malgosia stood up and walked in their direction.  As she passed by their table, she heard a man’s voice, “What beautiful green eyes you have!”  She looked back, and there he was, Brian Dennehy.
From that day on, we became very close friends, with Brian, his unforgettable wife Jennifer, his son Cormac, and later their daughter, Sarah.  We bonded.  We had many wonderful dinners together in their extraordinary home, with great food, and lots of Polish vodka.

Brian was a great, passionate man, and friend.  I remember, some years later, I was doing a play in Boston, and I visited Brian at his farm in nearby Woodstock, Connecticut.  We had a great time, but when I was spending the night in their guest cottage, the toilet flooded!  I was so embarrassed, but Brian couldn’t stop laughing.  He came to my rescue with another bottle of booze!

I always admired Brian as actor, and the first time we worked together was in 1980 on the tv film, Rumor of War.  We were both passionate about theater, and we discussed the possibility of working together, most recently, in Home, by David Storey.

Brian was a consummate actor.  He possessed an amazing depth of emotion.  His performances as Willy Loman and James Tyrone are legendary.  He was bigger than life, and he still is.

Thank you, Brian, for enriching our lives with your amazing talent.

All our love and prayers are with your lovely wife, Jennifer, your son, Cormac and daughter, Sarah.

Yours, Always,
Malgosia and Stacy Keach