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Sweet, sexy, sassy, smart, and brilliantly funny… that was the Margot Kidder I knew and had the pleasure of working with over a span of almost two decades.

We first met in the 70’s on a robust action film directed by the late Jack Starrett, The Dion Brothers. The film was originally titled Gravy Train, to which Margot commented, “Everybody thinks it’s a dog food commercial! Change the title!”
Her performance put her in the running for Lois Lane, she got the part, and delighted audiences all over the world with her indelible portrayal of Superman’s girlfriend.

We did one other film together, a low-budget film entitled YoungIvanhoe,where we constantly cracked each other up trying to take our medieval characters seriously.

But the most gratifying time playing together was performing in Lanie Robertson’s play, Stieglitz Loves O’Keefe.
One particular night in Baltimore fills my memory of Margot with joy and laughter. O’Keefe, wonderfully played by MsKidder, is about to undress in front of Stieglitz’s camera for a series of nude photographs.

Well, earlier that day, Margot had finally come to terms with her desire to quit smoking and she had donned the “patch” on each of bare arms.

At the moment, when she removed her camisole, the patches were in plain view, so I dropped my camera, rushed to embrace her, and placed my hands on her shoulders, covering her nicotine patches.

Margot adlibbed: “Alfred, take your hands off me”, then whispering, “I know, I forgot to remove my patches , better keep them there and I’ll get dressed!” To which she did.

We had great fun together. She was always a delight to be with, to share a laugh with, and even shed a tear with.
We love you, Margot. Thank you for sharing your unique and unforgettable talents with us. May God bless you and keep you.