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Remembering Janus – by Stacy Keach

Words cannot describe the feeling of losing our dear friend, Janus Glowacki.  

The news of his passing came as a devastating shock and a profound sadness.


It was a rainy day in 1992, and Janus had been staying at our home in Malibu, California, having just completed penning his latest play, Antigone in New York.  He was anxious to get a reaction from myself, and my wife, Malgosia, who had been a close friend of Janus’ since her teenage years.  Janus was like an older brother to her.  Because of her love and devotion to Janus, our first-born son, Shannon, he became his Godfather.  

It was a great honor for me to be the first American to read his new play.  My immediate reaction was, ‘this is going to be a hit’.  The play was moving and funny, and very sensitive to the culture of the times.  My reaction proved to be accurate, because when the play opened in New York, it was a resounding success.

I had been aware of Janus’ work, having seen and loved an earlier play, Hunting Cockroaches, both in New York and Los Angeles, but it wasn’t until my wife, Malgosia, and I were married that I had the privilege of getting to know Janus and becoming his friend.  

The thing I will always remember about him is his indelible wit and his extraordinary intelligence.  He had a great sense of humor.  His droll delivery of caustic platitudes was deliciously infectious.  And he had the heart of a lion.

The world has lost a magnificent artist, and we miss him terribly, but his legacy will live on in the wonderful plays and books that he has given us, as well as the few superlative screenplays he wrote, most recently, Walesa:  Man of Hope, directed by Andrzej Wajda.

Our thoughts and prayers are with his family, Zusa, Eva, and Olenka.

Thank you, Janus, for sharing your genius with us, and for enriching our lives, and for making them so much fuller by your presence.  

Love you always,  

Malgosia, Stacy, Shannon and Karolina Keach