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40 Years Later, Renewed Praise For Stacy Keach’s Production of Luigi Pirandello’s  “6 Characters In Search Of An Author”

That seminal work is represented in this retro by Stacy Keach’s 1976 staging of it for TV, starring John Houseman and Andy Griffith. Keach preserves the sincerity of Pirandello’s original; however, the setting this time is not backstage at a theater but behind-the-scenes at a TV studio, where people fret over ratings and vanity reigns supreme. By the mid-Seventies television had already become a symbol for all the hypocrisies and superficialities of mass media; the change in milieu adds an extra, subtle dose of cynicism.“- Bilge Ebiri, The Village Voice

Remembering William Peter Blatty

Blatty Blatty2

His influence on my early career left an indelible mark on my soul. My experience with him on The Ninth Configuration (also referred to as Twinkle Twinkle Killer Kane) marked an important milestone in my life. I came to know Bill as, not only a great writer and director, but also as a loving and compassionate friend. As a director, he was unique.
During the shooting of “The Ninth” he would playback the musical theme for the film(beautifully composed by Barry De Vorzon), and recorded prior to production. This set the mood for the scene we were about to shoot, and it inspired the actors to reach for deeper levels of emotion. Brilliantly innovative, Bill was always supportive his actors, and his devilish sense of humor was infectious.
We remained good friends through the years and his passing leaves me sad, but I am so grateful that I had the honor and the pleasure of working with him and knowing him.
My wife, Malgosia, joins me in extending our deepest sympathies to Bill’s wife, Julie, and the entire Blatty family.
You and Bill are in our thoughts and prayers.
Stacy Keach 

Free Screening of SIX CHARACTER IN SEARCH OF AN AUTHOR at the Film Forum on Sunday 1/15 followed by Skype Q&A with director Stacy Keach and producer Norman Lloyd

Who’s disturbing the taping of crusty director John Houseman’s show? Why the eponymous six characters, led by three-piece suited Andy Griffith (yes, that Andy Griffith). Transposition of the legendary play to a TV studio is rare directorial effort by actor (Fat City) Stacy Keach. Produced by Norman Lloyd. Digital.
Following the screening, director Stacy Keach and producer Norman Lloyd will appear for a Q&A via Skype.
Show starts at 1:20PM ET/ Q&A starts at 3PM ET

Center Theatre Group will hold a celebration in honor of Gordon Davidson, on Monday, January 9, 2017, beginning at 7:30pm at the Ahmanson Theatre

No one in the American Theater had such a profound influence on the Los Angeles theater scene as Gordon Davidson.  Almost singlehandedly, he brought enthusiasm and excitement to a town preoccupied with movies and television, and he put the Mark Taper Forum on the map as one of the most important regional theaters in America.

My personal experience with Gordon goes back many years.  He directed my Hamlet, and was one of the producers of The Kentucky Cycle.  He loved actors, and we loved him.  His affability and charm, his passion for the theater, and his enormous talent as both a producer and director made all who were fortunate to know him and to work with him that much better at their chosen professions.  He inspired us to reach for the stars, and even though he has left us, his legacy will live in our hearts forever.