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Stephen King’s CELL opened to mixed reviews, but Stacy fared pretty well. 


Stacy Keach’s screen time is short, but he dominates every scene he’s in.”

-Odie Henderson, Roger


““Stacy Keach does a nice turn as the sinister prep school headmaster.”

-John Hazelton, Screen Daily


“…Fine support from Stacy Keach (as a school headmaster who still has some fight left in him.)”

-Scott Weinberg, Scream


“On the plus side, we get Stacy Keach as some sort of preacher of the apocalypse.” –

– Richard Roeper, Chicago Sun Times


“Stacy Keach has a small role in the film and I’m definitely a fan of his and he does a great job with his small role.”                                  -Rev. Rob, Blogspot