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Playfest Santa Barbara’s Kickstarter Project

PlayFest Santa Barbara’s Kickstarter project has been launched! PlayFest Santa Barbara is dedicated to the discovery and development of new plays, musicals and audiences.  The inaugural festival runs Thursday, January 17 – Sunday, January 20 2013, at the Garvin Theatre, located on the beautiful Santa Barbara City College Campus.  This is a worthy project that needs your support to get it funded.  Be a Venture Culturalist! Visit the Kickstart page and help make Playfest happen!

Stacy to Guest Star in 1600 PENN

Stacy to guest star as Senator Frohm Thoroughgood in NBC’s new sitcom hit, 1600 PENN, starring Josh Gad, Jenna Elfman, and Bill Pullman.  Directed by Jason Winer.  Sen. Thoroughgood is described as “a wheelchair-bound throwback to another era.”  Episode shoots next week and will air sometime in the spring.


Stacy to co-star in Nebraska

Stacy Keach set to co-star in Oscar winner Alexander Payne’s next film, NEBRASKA, to be shot in Omaha this October, Paramount Pictures announced. Bruce Dern and Will Forte are also slated to play leading roles. Keach reunites with old friend Bruce Dern, with whom he co-starred in THAT CHAMPIONSHIP SEASON, back in 1982.