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Stacy Goes to Washington, D.C.

On Tuesday, March 28, Stacy Keach went to Washington, DC, to join the American Society of Plastic Surgeons and Senator John McCain to help children born with facial abnormalities, and their families, get insurance coverage. There are HMO’s and Insurance Companies who still consider surgery “cosmetic” and not “reconstructive”, thereby not worthy of coverage. Stacy feels that every child born with a cleft lip or cleft palate has the right to a happy and productive life, and that we have an obligation to ensure that these children and their families have the benefits of proper medical insurance to cover their needs.

Life According to Ken Titus

“Don’t be a wussy!”


“Do you know why divorces cost so much…because it’s worth it!”


5 year old Christopher: “I’m afraid of the dark.”


Ken: “There’s no reason to be afraid.”


Ken turns off the lights and shuts the door, counts to three, burst into the dark room and shouts “Arrggghhhhhh!!!” He turns the lights back on…..


Ken says to Christopher: “See, there’s no monster.”


Christopher says: “Now I’m afraid of you, dad.”


Ken says: “Well, that’s healthy.”


Then Ken turns out the lights and leaves…


“Always go for the eyes, and the best finger position for the hand is the “Eagle Claw”.


“You know that bedtime prayer, “If I should die before I wake? I had sheets that said that!”


Addressing an all-male audience: Gentlemen, you need to access your personal power. Look within you.


Now, say “dinner’s not ready?”…all together now…


Now, say “Get the hell out, bitch!”


Interview with Christopher Titus on Dad

Jim – The relationship with- that you had with your father – – does it scare you about being a father? Does that have any – –


Christopher – Actually, you know, it’s like this: my dad’s been divorced five times and — well, divorced five times and on his sixth wife – – I’ve been married nine years to one woman. So, actually, in a way, I’ve always looked at it as “here’s what NOT to do.” Some people look at their life as, “yeah, I’m gonna BE this way because my DAD is this way.” You know, “I’m just following in his footsteps.” Well, I chose to just notice his footsteps and take another path.


Jim – Your dad – your Stacy Keach TV Dad – – –


Christopher – Yes – – – brilliant!


Jim – Brilliant, yes! The Brilliant Stacy Keach – – –


Christopher – There you go!


Jim – Yes – –


Christopher – He’s actually legally changed his name to that: The Brilliant Stacy Keach.


Jim – Where you place him in the universe of TV Single Dads – – is he – – is he a worse dad than Jonny Quest’s dad? You know, Jonny Quest’s dad used to take him out in the swamp and they’d be shot at and stuff like that. I mean, does he put his kid in danger a lot?


Christopher – You know, Stacy – – it’s funny, we’ve tried to really – – – people have asked me, “how do you nail down – – how do you deal with a guy that’s so mean to you, if that really happened to you?” Stacy Keach plays – – we designed my father as ACTUALLY my father: a man who will let you put a penny in a light socket. And the reason he gets away with it is because he’s trying to teach. Now, his method may be really in question – – -in fact, his message – maybe the way he’s teaching may be illegal in 35 states – but he’s always trying to teach, and I think that’s what pulls it off. If Stacy played Dad just plain mean – it’s not funny. And there’s been a couple times in rehearsals – – ’cause we have to walk that edge – – and if Stacy goes one step – he’s such a brilliant actor – – if he goes one half-a-step the wrong way, it’ll kill the funny, because it crosses that line to MEAN. But he never does. There’s one or two times in rehearsal we did it, when we all looked at each other, like, “oh, wow – that was too tough.” But by the end of the week, Stacy has it nailed, and pulls it off. I can’t believe what he gets away with!


Complete Interview at TVDADS Website


Ken Titus

Once you’ve driven your drunk father to your mom’s parole hearing…what else is there?


Titus (Christopher Titus) owns a custom car shop, Titus High Performance, and builds hot rods. His hard-drinking, hard-living father Ken was married five times which means Christopher was raised in five broken homes. His mother, Ken’s first wife, was a manic-depressive schizophrenic, which means Christopher was raised by five broken personalities. She now resides in a mental care facility — or as Ken so eloquently puts it, she’s “shacked up in the wacko basket.”


Ken Titus (Stacy Keach) is a noble, loving father, a caring human being who only thinks of others – when he’s sober. However, most of the time he’s the “anti-dad” — the most negative human being on the planet. Wherever there is hope, he will kill it; where self-esteem rears its shiny little head, he will be there to kick it in the testicles. Titus notes, “My father’s always been mean-spirited and evil. It’s been a lot of fun. Except when his mean-spirited evilness is directed at you.”